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sábado, março 14, 2015

Emotional entrepreneurship, social engineering or financial intelligence?

The unit of logic of the Economic and Social Reflection Forum raises the following question: what are the significant differences among emotional entrepreneurship, social engineering and financial intelligence? There is no only and consensual answer to that question. For some people the concepts aforementioned are so perfectly clear and immiscible as the concepts related to financial entrepreneurship, emotional engineering and social intelligence, or as the concepts linked to social entrepreneurship, financial engineering and emotional intelligence.

There are 177,147 (3^11) different possibilities to characterize emotional entrepreneurship, and many others to translate either social engineering or financial intelligence. It should be underlined that the same number exists for cases of financial entrepreneurship, emotional engineering and social intelligence as well as for situations (most well-known and) related to social entrepreneurship, financial engineering and emotional intelligence.

Just to read the numerous scenarios of each of these nine pompous expressions mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is needed to spend 51 days continuously – with no second pause –, on condition that it is spent at least 25 seconds of a minimally careful reading to try to understand them. As the areas concerned are vast and complex, it is appropriate to set out some of its multiple approaches. The following three paragraphs contain so many writing hypotheses for the purpose of scientific sub-branches related to the title of this post.

Emotional entrepreneurship comprises the study of the phenomena of achieving synergies, essential to boost efficiency, which enables timely rebuild confidence in the intrinsic vectors to the range of stakeholders. In addition, it allows fully achieving the strategic objectives that were set. The new reality calls for an innovative paradigm, whose output is the key to lay down the desired positioning.

Social engineering includes the deepening of optimization problems, essential to promote accountability, thus ensuring decisively the resilience of the dynamics of proactive agents. On the other hand, it allows dealing with the restrictions imposed by the current situation. The programmatic analysis demonstrates the theory that the way forward overcomes the best layout scenarios.

Financial intelligence encompasses all the principles of risk reduction, crucial to promote knowledge, and also unavoidable to achieve the balance of all process chain elements. Additionally it allows managing the opportunities that affect the environment in which agents operate. The experience increases the credibility of the results, which shows the success of the choices made.

The 177 thousand of possibilities above identified are a subset of the total number 1,594,323 (3^13) possible hypotheses. This figure results from the combinatorics of the information contained in the following table. The elements are arranged in three columns and 13 rows. Thus, in cases involving arrangements with repetition, there is evidence of 531,441 entrepreneurship opportunities, and as mentioned above 177,147 possibilities of social entrepreneurship. The same numbers of possibilities exist respectively for engineering in general – social, emotional and financial – and for financial engineering in particular, as well as for intelligence – also financial, social and emotional – and particularly for emotional intelligence.

Therefore, assuming the infinite computing ability to read and pronounce each setting for 25 seconds without rest periods or any break between them, it would be only required that there was uninterrupted power supply for 461 days (approximately 15 months). If someone challenges reading and is the fastest to the point of reducing the cadence spelling – and perhaps the understanding itself, if it can be called – from 25 to 19.78 seconds, it would be saved 96 days of energy, because it is needed only one year to go through the full range of possibilities.

In short: the eloquent ideas associated with emotional entrepreneurship can be applied with similar accuracy and precision if it is adopted the exercise to the social engineering and financial intelligence. Emotional entrepreneurship, in conjunction with social engineering, fosters financial intelligence, as the financial entrepreneurship requires emotional engineering to achieve social intelligence, in the same manner as social entrepreneurship is the plant that when it is watered with financial engineering brings out the fruit of emotional intelligence. All different, all equal.

(Text revised by A.P. Varela.)

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